Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rhythms of the Day

Cool early morning. In Haiti the rhythms of the day are always with you. No artificial climate control. The morning is cool and still. Sunrise coincides with the clock, not daylight savings time. Much better to have early light in a hot climate. As the sun gains strength, the heat begins to build, along with the humidity. You begin to sweat, lightly at first. Then in the afternoon, the sweat begins to pour. Yesterday on the crowded ward it seemed almost uncontrollable as I wiped my face again and again and my scrubs began to stick to every part of my body. Then, at this time of year you begin to listen for that first rumble of thunder. So far there have been only 3 days when it did not come. The thunder gets louder, the wind picks up and the temperature begins to drop. Then it rains, then pours. On some days the thunder is accompanied by huge streaks of lightening and crashes that rattle the house. Sitting in this breezy old house built for the tropics, it is a delight to feel it blow through. By the time the rain ends, the sun is going down. It is cooler. It is time to sleep. The clock matches the sunset; no waiting for dark.
I will go home and gladly crank up my air conditioning in the Dallas heat. But one of the pleasures of Haiti is appreciating the relief that rain and dark bring to a hot humid world.

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