Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What is new?

N-95 masks for Rounds on the TB ward. Only my medical friends will appreciate this one! No more standing in a small room with only a window fan for “negative pressure” with up to 4 patients in the room. Water in the Alumni House where I am staying 24 hours a day. No more dip and pour into the tank when you need a flush during one of the 21 hours per day when the water is usually off. Easy access by cell phone or pay for net internet to the USA. The first time I came 14 years ago there was only one emergency satellite phone on campus. Cell phone service has been available for several years and now the internet is easier to connect, although it still goes out at times as it did the first time I typed this blog tonight!!! The Rehab Techs are using an ever greater variety of techniques to treat their patients. They are soaking up information from the Haitian physical therapist on site and the many visiting blans (foreigners). Lots of discussion in morning conference. There is a 10-15 minute presentation every day by someone. The topic today was on public health surveillance of polio vs. neonatal tetanus and other similar problems in children in the outlying dispensaries. There was a VERY LIVELY discussion afterward of the difficulty of making a differential diagnosis in the small dispensaries, most of which are far up in the mountains. For tomorrow—What is the same? (Hint: Dust) For now rest. Tuesday, August 6, 8:17 PM

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