Thursday, March 4, 2010

Half Way

Half Way

Wednesday evening, March 3, 2010
I felt a little more energetic today after crashing very early last night with an overwhelming case of fatigue. Getting pretty tired now, but happy to get at least brief access to the net.

Tomorrow is an exam for the students, so I will see if I have imparted any information. Unfortunately the exam if mostly straight forward memorization, so the true test of what they have learned will not come until later in the clinic.

We had questions and answers today to review for the test and during part of that time, I had the students formulate and pose questions to each other. Afterward I asked them if they had ever done that kind of thing before. They had not. They are accustomed to passively waiting for the instructor.

Just tried to get back to net to send this and access is gone. Will try again tomorrow. They are hard to get, but I enjoy your emails. Please keep sending! If you are adding comments to the blog, please send me a copy by email, as I am unable to access the commnets.


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