Sunday, July 5, 2009

Unexpected Pleasures

Sunday, July 5 10:20 AM
Yesterday brought unexpected pleasures as the hot day wore on, and fufillment of the saying that "things in Haiti don't always work, but they work out." I spent a lazy morning while Duane worked in the wards all morning while being on call. At noon, the cook informed us that our house was out of cooking gas. She had told us the same thing the day before, but it turned out then that it was just a matter of switching from one cylinder to another. Yesterday neither cylinder would work. So we went to the Suresh house to check with Raji about what to do. (Dr. Suresh is the CEO and his wife Raji is in charge of housing). Raji immediately invited us to dinner. The cooks at our house, the Suresh house and the Alumni house (where most short term visitors stay) quickly collaborated and set us up for lunch and dinner today at the Alumni House. We had plenty of hand for breakfast and an electric coffee pot for the most crucial part of breakfast! Things in Haiti don't always work, but they work out.

Dinner at the Suresh house was delightful delicious Indian fare, along with much conversation about all things Haiti. I actually got to spend quite a bit of time conversing and enjoying Prestige on the porch before dinner. Duane was called back to the hospital at 5:00. I went on over to the Suresh house at 7:00 where we waited for Duane until 9:15. He was amazed that we had not yet had dinner! Our hosts were gracious and the evening worked out . . . . .

In the late afternoon, the shallow end of the pool became shaded and I went out for a swim. The water was warmer than I would usually use for a bath in summer, but I discovered that sitting on the steps half in and half out of the water was quite pleasant with a slight breeze blowing. i read a book there. Duane joined me after returning from rounds again on the wards. I stayed there until it began to rumble enough that I decided I better get out of the water. I went back to our porch and was treated to a tropical rain storm while sitting under the wide veranda, an unexpected chance to enjoy the majesty of nature right in front of me. It was immediately cooler, and stayed that way (relatively speaking) for most of the evening (warm, but not pouring sweat).

Around 9:00 PM, one lone fireworks display blazed in the sky to mark the Fourth.

So today is quiet and slow, the kind of day that we often wish for at home but can seldom manage. Tomorrow begins the real work of supervising the Haitian Rehabilitation Technician students as they begin to work with patients on the wards.

If you have posted to this blog, great! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to read the posts, so please send a copy to me via email. With gratitude, Judy

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  1. Good Day to you too Hembree. All is fine here -p