Saturday, July 18, 2009


Saturday, July 18 at 6:30 PM
WOW! That was a rainstorm!!! Palm trees blowing, branches on the ground, rain coming in sheets, huge puddles in the grass and flowing down the sidewalks. Of course the power went out, but it is back on already! I have turned off my AC. When the rain slowed down, I opened the door to my little balcony to find that it is actually COOL outside. I still have the door open enjoying the fresh smell of the rain that is now coming down lightly along with rumbling thunder and lightening. When I saw the rain moving in, I almost went to the outdoor bar to sit under the overhang and read a book while sipping on a Sprite. Glad I brought the Sprite back to my room! I would have blown away! II imagine that dinner will be quite delayed while the staff puts the outdoor dining area back together. They were moving fast to take it all away earlier--one reason I decided it best to return to my room. What a display by Mother Nature! Now I’ll see if the wireless access is up and running again.

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  1. Let us know your Friday plans, John Boy plans on meeting you. I will have the air on and the flowers waterd! -p