Sunday, October 28, 2012

Many thanks

I must express my thanks to Dr. Patricia Smith and Dr. Karen Kowalske, both at UT Southwestern. I used a combination of their slides on stroke for my presentation in morning conference on Friday. I received many kind thanks from those present. One of the best moments for me was when Nathalie, the Haitian physical therapist in charge of the physical therapy program here, asked a question. It was an EXCELLENT question that should have already been on one of my slides. For the benefit of the physicians present, she asked how long post stroke was it appropriate to refer a patient back to Physical Therapy for further treatment. My colleagues at Parkland know that we struggle to educate physicians on this very issue at home! She nodded eagerly when my answer was exactly what I say at home and exactly what she hoped to hear for the physicians at Hospital Albert Schweitzer. We were in full agreement in 2 very different places.

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