Friday, October 26, 2012

The trip is always an adventure

Well, one more post as the internet seems to be moving a little faster; people probably giving up and going to bed. So the AA flight Dallas to Miami was uneventful. The saga really began at the gate in Miami waiting for the flight to Port au Prince. It went something like this: AA Agent: The plane that was scheduled for flight 833 is unable to fly into Port au Prince because they are having some weather there. Thoughts to self: You were going to put us on a plane that can't fly through bad weather!!! This does not sound encouraging. And maybe you need some PR training on how to make somewhat more soothing announcements. AA Agent: Please move to gate 20; your flight will take off from there. Thoughts to self during long wait: It looks like I may be spending the night in Port au Prince. With a hurricane blowing through the Caribbean, the late arrival and a mountain range to drive over to get to the hospital, a late night ride through Haiti does not sound like s good idea. AA Pilot once we are finally on the plane: We're going to fly toward Port au Prince, but the weather is uncertain so we may not be landing there. Thoughts to self: Great! The next closest place will be Cuba. Another island in the Caribbean with a hurricane blowing through!!! AA Pilot several times: Please return to your seat and keep your seat belt securely fastened. Well, to shorten the story, we did land in Port au Prince in blowing rain. The Hospital Albert Schweitzer driver was still waiting along with several other people in the van. With help from a wonderful American Vetinarian who lives in Haiti and was on my flight I finally connected with the Hospital driver and off we went. There are 2 roads and we took the newer one that begins to climb over the mountains just outside of Port au Prince. And ran into-----the thickest fog I have ever seen along with the rain. I really don't know how the driver managed. I was in the front seat and I could not have driven that van. There are quite a few signs on that road with a Z on them. That indicates the shape of the upcoming road. There are few 'thrills' like a Z turn in thick fog in the rain in a van with a huge truck approaching in the opposite direction in Haiti. Fortunately, I sent out several quick text messages and emails (another new thing in Haiti) asking for fervent prayers for safety. They worked. We arrived on campus around 10:00 PM. So I will try one more time to post. As usual in Haiti, all plans have already changed twice. I am not teaching tomorrow. IF the sun comes out (haven't seen it yet), we might go to the beach so things are looking up. Good night!

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