Sunday, May 29, 2016

Who to help?

Just a short walk around the area today brought me into contact with multiple people asking for help. Many of them have picked up my name. They tell me some scenario where they have interacted with me before; sometimes I remember. One man was caught up in his own story. He told me I had helped him when he was a child of 8. I asked him how old he was now, did the math and let him know that I had not been coming that long. It was not me. Who knows if some 'blan' did help him as a child. I have already purchased all the Haiti souvenirs I will ever need. So I have finally learned to say a firm no when asked about looking at paintings and other art to sell. Often the request changes to just give some "help." I tell them that I am here to help at the hospital. I am sorry but I can't help them today. As I walk away, most of them are still pleading . . . .

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