Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hopefully the Medical Evacuation service

will take me all the way to Dallas instead of dumping me in Florida. JUST KIDDING. However, after 8 hours of walking today in the Haitian sun, I could use a short stay on the Parkland Burn Unit for some TLC. There is no sweat proof sunblock out there; this is a myth of the suntan lotion companies. I am chicken fried, and after about 8 glasses of water and 2 Sprites, about ready to crash. My roommate, an Internal Med Doc from San Francisco, and I left at 5:00 AM to hike up the mountain side and see the sunrise. After coming down for a brief breakfast break, we left for a LONG hike to Verrette Falls and back. It took about 7 hours. My young friend and our Haitian Guide probably could have done it in 6, but I was moving VERY SLOWLY by the time we finished. We finished by taking a tap tap ride for the last 3 miles from Verrette to Deschapelles. The tap tap let us off where the main road attaches to the 'corridor' that leads to the hospital. Our guide seemed to know that I was wiped out and so he hailed 3 motorcycles and we took a short ride up the corridor to our house on campus. That was my first time on a motorcycle in Haiti. It is never to late for the first time!

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