Thursday, May 7, 2015

If my Parkland colleagues could be a fly on the wall . . . .

They would be choked with laughter watching me here. One of the things I enjoy in Haiti is s t r e t c h i n g out of my usual comfort zone to areas in which I have been trained, but seldom practice at home. I am actually quite grateful (don't tell them) for all I have learned from everyone I work with. I could use several of them here--an OT with hand skills would be especially useful for the 2 patients with a diabetic hand and middle finger amputation that I have seen in the past 4 days. Orthopedic trauma, burns, complications of diabetes, stroke, head injury and on and on can all be found here along with things we seldom see--leptospirosis, typhoid, long term TB. I could use help with foot problems, and always children with burns. So, my friends at work, if you would like to ship Stef and Beth down here, feel free to do so!

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