Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Slowly, slowly, S L O W L Y

Getting back into the rhythm of Haiti. It is a slower pace. The heat saps my energy. There is more noise, more distraction all around you. The sensory feedback can be overwhelming. Much is the same, but change marches forward. I am working off a portable 'hot spot' sitting here on the table. My iPhone works here for local and international calls, email, texts, internet. This sounds trivial until you calculate how recently this was possible here. Fifteen years ago even a phone call was almost impossible in Deschapelles. The Haitian people are slowly taking over more and more of the work of the hospital. There are fewer 'blans' (foreigners). I no longer need to do the work. My role is to teach, to expand skills, to bring new ideas. This is as it should be. Teach a man to fish . . . . . More later, but I wanted you to know that I am well and thinking of all of you who helped me get here and are carrying on while I am gone.

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